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Adrian at Kubu Island, Botswana.

ROAM is an acronym for Rugged Overlanding Adventure Movement. When I was asked to interview the owner, I was pleasantly surprised to ‘meet’ Adrian Abrahams – a humble, quietly spoken, unassuming young man who was a commercial photographer for the first eight years of his career. Slowly this evolved into cinematography and making films. For his 21st, his parents took him on a nine-day tour of Scotland in a rented RV. It was one of those life-altering experiences. Retrospectively, this was the trip that really “put a fire in his belly,” and planted the seed that grew into his new life.

In 2016, he purchased his first ‘bakkie’, kitted it to suit his purpose and the type of travel this enabled started to resonate. “I found things in myself that I loved, and slowly my passion for travel in wild places grew.” A completely new chapter of his life started just after the New Year celebrations of 2017, around the third of January. He had packed his vehicle and headed to Lesotho for the first of many of his “trips of a lifetime”. The bug had bitten, and he was – quite simply – happy. Sitting in that campsite in Lesotho, he decided that he wanted others to experience the same – to “share the joy”. And that was when he decided to create a blog.

He soon came to realise that words and still images were simply not enough to share the magic, and thus started adding his skill as a cinematographer into the mix. His first trip using video to share his experience was his trip into the Richtersveld. Soon after the trip, he bought a Suzuki Jimny, and started the video blog (vlog) of the build. 

As he started living the life of an adventurer, and continually travelling further and further from safety, there was always a slight niggle at the back of his mind, commonly known as “What if”… In these remote places, what if the unthinkable happened? He needed someone to have his back. Often whilst travelling alone he needed a “partner in adventure”, someone who understood the realities of the life he was living. To date, he had simply insured with the company his parents had historically used. But that was no longer enough. Speaking to his broker, he was introduced to Cross Country Insurance Company (CCIC). He immediately realised that this was the kind of product he was looking for, exactly what he needed. “CCIC gave me the confidence that, as I moved further and further away from the known, I had a team looking out for me,” he quips.

“In life, you always have choice. You can partner with any number of companies. As soon as I heard about the solutions that CCIC offered, I realised that this was the company for me. My exact thought was: Yes, this is soooo awesome!” 

Adrian’s deep desire is to make beautiful films, meaningful content that will encourage others to go and explore this beautiful continent. He defines himself as a “Travelling Film Maker”… 

Judging by his success with his YouTube Channel to date, I think this young man is clearly doing something right! Adrian’s positivity and passion are a breath of fresh air, and I for one will be waiting to see where his enthusiasm takes him…. 

Cross Country is proud to be a part of your adventures, and we wish you all the very best in your endeavours Adrian! May you always “Take us with you” on your journeys…. By choosing us, you’ve become a part of the Cross Country family!

 #SAWillTravelAgain #StayAtHome #BeSafe 

Jacqui Ikin & the Cross Country Team

WebSite: https://roamoverlanding.com/




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