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Part of the lure of travel for me is inspiration…. Take a milkshake for example. An everyday drink, freely available on most menus. Transport that concept into a dorp called Williston, in the middle of nowhere, deep into the Northern Cape, on a blistering day where the temperatures were well over 40°C. Add two long distances travellers,  weary of the flat landscape, the grey bossies and the blazing sun. Starting to sound like “High Noon”? Well, not quite…. This scene is taken directly out of Alice in Wonderland! 

Driving into Williston, the streets are, quite literally, deserted. I have, however, heard of a spot known as The Willison Mall, and we slowly wend our way there. Alas, it is closed! I have my heart set on a milkshake though, and this gal is not easily dissuaded. I knock on the front door, and lo and behold the owner Pieter Naude opens. He patiently listens to my saga about being on the trail of awesome milkshakes in the Karoo. Smiling, he invites us in, producing what I believe to be one of the best milkshakes in the land!!

This extraordinary venue is jam-packed with arts and crafts, memorabilia, old cars and fifty shades of all things eccentric. They also serve food, have accommodation and regularly put on festivals. Just phone ahead to make sure that they’re open….

Jacqui Ikin & the Cross Country Team

Williston Mall
3 Hodgson St, Williston
Pieter Naude
+27 53 391 3659 / 072 0187288
FB: Williston Mall


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