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Cross Country Drive

All Terrain Club

We are outdoors people.

We go where others can’t…

To see the silhouette of an ancient Baobab tree against a bright, star-filled sky.
To embrace the bush veld’s crisp morning air.
To experience nature face to face.
To fish, to hike… to explore.



And getting there is half the fun – low range, diff locked, making the most of the ground clearance and approach and departure angles.

We are All Terrain, the outdoor portal from Cross Country Insurance Consultants.

So come, sit down next to the fire and tell us your story. We’d love to put your tips, your experience, your adventures and pictures in our ‘Trommel‘.

Or take to our forum to find like-minded people to get inside information on destinations, vehicle set-up and recovery and so much more.

There’s no limit at All Terrain.

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